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Extr.TypeSingle Screw DiameterScrew RatioHeating CapacityPower Motor DriveMaterial Output polyethylene
Ex. -16/2016 mm20 D1.5 kw1.5 kw2-3 kg/h
Ex. -20/2620 mm26 D2 kw3 kw7.5 kg/h
Ex. -30/2430 mm24 D3 kw4.5 kw12 kg/h
Ex. -45/2445 mm24 D3.5 kw7.5 kw25 kg/h
Ex. -45/3045 mm30 D4.5 kw11 kw30 kg/h
Ex. -50/2450 mm24 D5 kw15 kw40 kg/h
Ex. -50/3050 mm30 D5.5 kw18 kw45 kg/h
Ex. -60/2460 mm24 D12 kw30 kw60 kg/h
Ex. -65/3065 mm30 D15 kw37.5 kw65 kg/h
Ex. -70/2470 mm24 D15 kw37.5 kw70 kg/h
Ex. -70/3070 mm30 D18 kw45 kw80 kg/h
Ex. -75/2475 mm24 D25 kw45 kw90 kg/h
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